What you will learn with this eBook

What you will Discover with this eBook

  • -Discover all about the history behind rottweiler , where it originated from, and the  accepted
     physical characteristics of the  rottweiler puppy and all rottweiler info

    • -Find out the TRUTH about the temperament of the Rottweiler You’ll Finally find out if those rumors
       about this dog are true or false!.

    • -Finally Revealed! Most accidents or attacks from Rottweiler occur because of one of three factors.

    • -Breakthrough Template on how to choose the right Rottweiler for you! Use this template to assess
       the puppy's
      behavior on inspection, to determine which is the right one for you.

    -Benefit from the most comprehensive Puppy Care Guide ever made available on the Rottweiler! You
     will discover everything from How to prepare for his/her arrival, Understanding the 7 stages of your
     puppy’s development, to Feeding/Nutrition, and also how to Socialize your Rottweiler to minimize
     any future behavioral problems.

    -Revealed! Discover some of the medical issues, minor and major that face your beloved Rottweiler,
     and what YOU can do to help minimize them .

    -How to prepare yourself as your Rottweiler ages… As your Rottweiler gets older her/his needs change.
      In this detailed chapter, our comprehensive guide reveals exactly what their needs are as they age,

      and how you can keep them happy and comfortable!

    -Discover the secrets you need to know about whether to Spay or Neuter your Rottweiler! Get the peace
      of mind knowing you made the right decision for your Dog.

    -Most diseases, studies show, are caused by improper nutrition! Discover the simple, yet proven secrets
     on how you can provide the best Nutrition for your Rottweiler.

    -The BARF Diet! Don’t even think about it until you read the entire Pro’s and Con’s! Discover whether
     it is the Right thing to do for your Dog.

    -Exclusive!! Never seen anywhere on the net. Your Rottweiler will love you when you start cooking
     any one of these 101 Incredible food Delicacy Recipes.

    -Thinking of Breeding Your Rottweiler? Well the whole breeding process is all comprehensively covered
     here! You’ll learn it all, from the initial “Tie”, -the pregnancy, to Whelping, to the stages of Labor and to
      how to care for the newborn puppies.

    -Avoid the heartache!! Use our Approved guide on Emergency care and first aid especially for your
     Rottweiler. This chapter alone could help save you from that feeling of “wishing you could have done
     more” to save your Rottweiler!

    -Discover the secrets you need to know about whether to Spay or Neuter your Rottweiler! Get the peace
      of mind knowing you made the right decision for your Dog.

    -Revealed! What your local Vet prays you never learn to do…..Discover the all the Secrets on how to go
      about choosing the RIGHT vet for your Rottweiler!.

    -Discover the hidden methods on how to change your Rottweiler’s Temperament for the better, and
     overcome any behavioral problems you may encounter such as Aggression, Chewing, Separation
     Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive disorders, and Biting.

    -The Truth behind solving “Aggression” Problems!

     -And Much More ......

    -Having Problems potty training? Most of these problems can be easily solved…if you knew how.

    -Learn how to deal with “Corophagia”, or your Rottweiler eating its own poop! This alone could save you
     the embarrassment of people seeing your dog do this!.

    -Revealed! All the secrets to obedience training are there for you to reap the benefit. Be the envy of all
     your friends as they pile on the praise on how well behaved and obedient your Rottweiler is! .Uncover
     the different training methods.

    -And Mush More.......


What you will Get with this eBook

What Else You Get...?

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